Litigation Support Services

With over 30 years of litigation support experience, Discovery Data has a solid track record providing the critical support services of unsurpassed quality and accuracy. To find out how we can help your business, contact us for a free assessment and estimate.


Records Research

Need to research before filing a complaint or any other documents. We can research superior court files; police report files, bankruptcy court files, insurance files, etc…


Need photographs or video of the scene of an accident, junk yard or any other site?

Court Filing

We can file for you any kind of documents anywhere in California. If out of the state, we can make arrangements for your records to be timely filed.

Courier Service

Need something to be delivered quick? Give us a call and we will pick up and deliver your emergency documents as soon as possible.

Locate/Skip Tracing

Background Checks – Credit Checks – Address Checks – Public Records Checks – Real Property Checks – Pre-Employment Checks – Driving Records Checks

Process Service

We pride ourselves on quality service of process and follow strict adherence to codes of civil procedure. We have been in the business for many years and we offer the very best service at an affordable price that includes multiple attempts.

Mobile or On-Site Copy Services

We are a mobile or on-site copy service providing attorneys, insurance companies and healthcare facilities with efficient cost-effective digital records copying while ensuring confidentiality and privacy.